About Solta

Solta is one of the most beautiful islands of the Adriatic islands, with 60 km of coastline, four harbors and 24 bays. Solta is the island of fishermen, olives, honey and vineyards. Apart from plants which flower here 10 months of the year, it also has a wealth of aromatic plants and spices.

About 1700 years ago the emperor Diocletian decided from his palace in Split, to build his fishing pond on Solta. The island was inhabited by the Romans in the 5th and 6th century . Today Solta is like an open treasure chest where time has stopped long ago. Walking through the old narrow streets all your senses are filled with images of this paradise island.

Grohote, the oldest village, is the community centre. 
Gornje, Srednje and Donje Selo (Upper, Middle and Lower Village) are idyllic Mediterranean island villages, where time seems to have stopped. In these villages virgin olive oil is still stored the same way it has been done for centuries.

The villages by the sea Stomorska, Necujam, Rogac and Maslinica were inhabited much later.