What to do

Visit the old villages, and experience life on a Dalmatian island. Explore the production of local products like olive oil, honey and wine. Enjoy unspoiled nature, the wonderful scent of rosemary and lavender and panoramic sea views. Swimming in crystal clear waters, and relax on nice pebble beaches.
Spend a day shopping in Split. Visit the local market, and explore the old town.

Gornje Selo, Srednje Selo and Donje Selo are old villages on Solta where time seems to have stopped. Grohote, the local center on the island, is busy in the morning. People come just to meet or do their shopping. In Grohote you find the fruit- and vegetable market, post office, pharmacy, supermarket and the butcher. Solta is wellknown for its production of olive oil and wine, and local producers have won prizes for their products. “Olynthia natura” in Gornje Selo is the island’s biggest producer of olive oil. They are open for visitors and guided tours. They also have a very nice shop where you can buy many of their products.

The marina in Maslinica is one of the nicest in Croatia, and new yachts and sailboats arrive every day. Enjoy the five cafés and four restaurants in the harbor. In addition you have one restaurant with an astonishing panoramic view. This restaurant is situated only a couple of minutes walking distance from Villa Berg, There are also two wonderfully situated restaurants in Sesula. One is actually situated directly to the water front. If you want to try Peka, the local dish, at one the restaurants you have to order early in the afternoon, because this is a dish that demands several hours to prepare.

Trogir is one of the nicest towns along the coast on the mainland. It is an old historical town that is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Early every morning there is a small tourist boat called Patalole, that will take you from the harbor in Maslinica to Trogir.

If you want to enjoy a day of shopping and culture a visit to Split is perfect. Take the catamaran (30 min.) or the ferry (50 min) to get there. In Split you will find an enormous number of all kinds of shops, and just outside the city center (10 minutes by car) there is a huge shopping mall called City Center One. In Split there is also a market that is open daily. Here you can buy local products, bags, fruit, vegetables etc. Enjoy the atmosphere and meet local people living in Split. On the other side of the city center there is also the fish market that is open in the morning.

The history of Split goes back hundreds of years in time. The Palace of Diocletian was built 1,700 years ago and is considered the crown jewel of Split. A visit to the Palace and the surrounding old town is a fantastic experience. If you want to get some rest enjoy the cafés and restaurants along Riva. At the end of the Riva you also find some nice restaurants where you can enjoy local and international dishes.

Spending the day in Maslinica you can relax and enjoy the cristal clear water. There are no private beaches, so it is possible to find a quiet place. If you prefer a more “busy” beach there is the Punta Beach. Here you can rent pedal boats, water scooters, buy drinks and food at the bar. They also have a small play ground for small children.