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Maslinica – the Adriatic's best kept secret – is located on the west side of the island. The village is surrounded by a beautiful scenery of pine wood, the well protected cove of Šešula and an archipelago of seven islands.
Maslinica's first settlements can be dated back to 1703 when the aristocratic family Marchi built a castle in the village. Nowadays the castle is turned into an exclusive hotel (only six suites) named Martinis Marchi. The village is peaceful, but becomes busy in the evenings when guests, sailboats and yachts arrive in the marina.
In competition with over 1,000 islands along the Croatian coast, Maslinica was awarded the 'Best Authentic Coastal Destination' in 2017. In 2018 the local marina was awarded the 'Best Small Marina' in Croatia. Go to our blog to read more about why we think Maslinica is one of the most wonderful places to visit along the Adriatic coast.
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