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Restaurants and Cafés on Šolta

There are several restaurants and cafés in Maslinica where you can enjoy everything from local dishes to international cuisine. There are two very nice restaurants in Šešula (paradise bay for sailing next to Maslinica) and one restaurant with a fantastic panoramic sea view close to Villa Berg. A more exclusive option, if you want to dress up for the evening, is the restaurant in the heritage hotel, Martinis Marchi where they serve an international cuisine. Some of the wines served at Martinis Marchi are produced at the owner's other castles/hotels in France.

One of the local dishes in Dalmatia is called peka. If you want to try this dish, the food has to be ordered several hours before. Dalmatian cheese and ham is a delicious starter. If you want to visit some authentic restaurants, there are Konoba Momcin Dvor in Grohote and Konoba Štandarac in Gornje Selo. Konoba Štandarac is a small family-run restaurant, so here you have to call and book in advance. Konoba is the Croatian word for restaurants where they serve traditional food.

All the restaurants on Šolta serve local wine which is produced on the island, from the Dobričić variety of grapes. Several olive oil producers on the island have been awarded prices for the best olive oil in the Mediterranean area.

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